The Kris Kringle Catastrophes of Christmases Past

Danger! Once more we find ourselves knee-deep in the most treacherous time of year, where anything can and possibly will go wrong. Granted, on the surface Christmas is all about good cheer and bonhomie but the smallest miscalculation can cause it to collapse like a house of cards. And by ‘house of cards’ I don’t mean building materials you can use for gin rummy but a Netflix series that began to outstay its welcome midway through season one but lumbered on regardless towards a calamitous end that became an unpleasant endurance test. That bad.
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Wrong Jovi – A Tribute to Tribute Bands

We were travelling to the country. As we headed out of town, we passed a racetrack that specialized in hosting greyhound events. The venue also boasted that it was home to live music, largely tribute shows. Not that this was clear at one hundred clicks an hour. Signage along the fence line boasted upcoming shows by Fleetwood Mac, AC/DC and Bon Jovi. That these groups should perform at the dog track in Melton seemed somewhat improbable and it was only upon closer inspection that I spotted the all-important caveat of ‘tribute show’.
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