A Simple Guide to Understanding Modern Politics

It’s hard to write anything at all. Which is why I am sorely tempted to communicate solely in emoji form from now on. Indeed, after perusing the various emoji options available, there’s no prize for guessing which emoticon best expresses my thoughts. I knew we’d reached a tipping point when I switched from ABC News 24’s continuous coverage on Tuesday night to Australian Survivor and, save that participants on the latter program were more sparsely dressed, there was little difference.
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Everything You Want to Know About Space Force (But Were Afraid to Ask)

It was inevitable, really: that President Donald J Trump should decide to take his unique brand of diplomacy to the far reaches of outer space where – arguably – it always belonged. And that it should be packing heat. I’m not sure who in the White House should be responsible for telling the Leader of the Free World that Star Wars was not, in fact, a documentary but a work of fiction, but it’s time to break the bad news before this thing truly gets out of hand.
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