How Much Ken One Person Take?

They’ve finally gone too far. For reasons known only to themselves, they’ve made an extra-special effort just to humiliate him. Goodness knows how they broke the news. Whether the boss scheduled a special meeting with HR or, perhaps, he simply turned up to work one day to find that all his co-workers were avoiding eye contact with him. But however it was done, there is no doubt that Ken Carson has had to bid a sweet farewell to his dignity. That’s because Ken – long-term boyfriend of Mattel’s Barbie – now has a man-bun.
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Come In Fidget Spinner

I have no idea. I don’t know what purpose they serve and I find their popularity a source of continuing bafflement. Others can resort to extreme measures to secure the last of what appears to be a finite resource, but I won’t be among those clenching their fists and pleading to the gods to intervene. No sir, not me. For I have heard this particular tune one too many times before and I know better than to give my heart and soul to some craze that will last about as long as a litre of milk left in the sun. The world may well be in love with ‘fidget spinners’ but I remain immune.
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