Tales of Rock and Roll Excess Baggage

It take it all back; every last word. For years I have poured scorn on anything that looked like a boy band. I have derided their musical output and questioned their artistic integrity. I have dished out piping hot spoonfuls of opprobrium. I ridiculed the way they dressed, danced and the dreadful songs they sang. Not anymore. I have officially seen the light. For I am now convinced that these confected groups are the repositories of the true rock and roll spirit. This change of heart is not the result of a song or even a particularly challenging dance manoeuvre but is all thanks to one man, or boy, if you prefer. Namely, one James McElvar.
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I Fought the Lawn (And the Lawn Won)

It’s on. The battle lines have not so much be drawn as they have sprung up, as one of the oldest rivalries to plague this big old round Earth of ours reignites. Conflict on so vast a scale cannot help but shape the course of human history. There will be casualties, without doubt, but ultimately good will prevail over evil. I speak, of course, of mankind versus nature. By that I don’t mean some kind of fauna-troubling Bear Grylls-style gastronomic assault. Rather, I’m talking about one man’s heroic battle against his lawn.
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International Economics Explained: Greece is the word

Spare a thought for Greece. Sadly, it seems there’s a very real chance they may soon be tapped on the shoulder and politely asked to gather their things before exiting the Eurozone. It prompts the question, where are they supposed to go? There are plenty of zones out there, not all of them suitable for a sovereign nation. It’ll be no good if, after leaving the Eurozone, Greece enters the Twilight Zone. Worse still would be if they got stuck with professional beardo Kenny Loggins on his ‘Highway to the Dangerzone’. That’s about as appealing as the thought of a jump-suited Maverick man-spreading in the cockpit of an Air Force fighter jet, mumbling under his breath about ‘the need for speed’. Thanks but no thanks.
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