This One Goes Out To The Juan I Love

Abdicate. It’s a word that is seldom pressed into service. Like sprocket or unitard, it’s one of those terms that rarely intrudes on polite conversation. But all that changed when news broke that King Juan Carlos of Spain was going to vacate the throne. As soon as the breaking news flashed on the screen, I immediately fetched my ‘In Case of Zombie Apocalypse’ backpack and headed straight for the cellar. Which, given that I live in a first floor apartment, came as something of a shock for the downstairs neighbours. Reacting as though an invasion of the undead had just been announced may seem a touch over the top to some, but it’s not every day that someone decides to throw caution to the wind and abdicate. Besides, I’ve seen several episodes of Game of Thrones and know for a fact that these things can get very messy, very quickly.
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