Welcome to the Musical Theatre of My Mind

Once upon a time, movies didn’t revolve around special effects. Most of the action in a Hollywood blockbuster these days is pasted in later on a computer, leaving the actors largely superfluous. In fact, so prevalent are computer-generated effects that the day is surely not too far beyond us where the award for ‘Best Actor’ is given to a laptop. Granted, it will have to be carried to the stage, but it will doubtless thank its agent before disgracing itself at the after-party.
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Frankie Says ‘Chillax’ – A Brief History of Manglish

What is the world’s stupidest word? If that question has ever troubled you, then worry no more. The hunt is over. After many months and a search so exhaustive that would make the folks over at ‘the Voice’ seem lazy in comparison, we are finally ready to announce a winner. ‘Chillax’.
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Now That Grunge Has Gone and Left Me Here

In 1990, ‘grunge’ was the soapy residue found in hard-to-reach cavities of washing machines. For those of us who frequented laundrettes at the time, grunge was simply one of a cavalcade of hazards that came with doing your laundry in an appliance that didn’t belong to you. Fast-forward twelve months and the term ‘grunge’ meant something else entirely.
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