TV or not TV – That is the Question

To the best of my knowledge, I have been on television exactly three times. The first was during a school excursion to Churchill Island. A camera crew from Channel Nine turned up at the same time and they took footage of us, promising to use it in the resulting story. In an instant, it seemed my destiny was carved well and truly in stone. Surely my image on television would be an event too magnificent to ignore and Johnny Young would shortly be on the blower, inviting me to become a permanent member of the Young Talent Team.
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Master of the Puppets

The local youth group was something to do on a Friday night. It was a place to catch up with your friends and run around the church hall for a couple of hours before being picked up by your parents. But within this social gathering of carefree young people there existed an elite, highly specialised unit. Rather than play games for a couple of hours, they devoted their time to the noble art of puppetry. I was then as I am now – in total awe of their talent. More than anything, I wanted to be included.
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