The Curse of Having Your Wish Come True

What’s the worst job in the world? It’s a question that could easily be answered in 2003. Back then, as Coalition forces poured into Iraq, the holder of the unenviable title of ‘worst job in the world’ was Mohammed Saeed al-Sahhaf – the Iraqi Information Minister. This was the man whose job it was to face the international media on a daily basis and try not so much to put a positive spin on things as attempt to convince you that up was down and black was white.
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The Battle for Pseudo Echo

Upon reflection, it was something of a golden age. Acid wash jeans were in the ascendency, hair spray was plentiful and the synthesizer had finally won the respect it so richly deserved. Whilst we now recognize 1986 as the very peak of the human condition, it didn’t happen by chance. No, people – this state of enlightenment was achieved through neither slothful meditation nor dumb luck but, rather, by sheer hard graft by four men collectively known as ‘Pseudo Echo’.
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